THIRD STONE MEDIA IS JOANNE MILLER and company. Joanne and a partner founded Third Stone Media in 1995 from their tiny Newport Beach apartment, designing brochures, corporate logos and traditional catalogs.

In 1997, THIRD STONE MEDIA began designing and developing websites and software for the brand new World Wide Web. Leading the way to a thriving media agency serving Internationally recognized brands.

When life interrupted business in 2007, Joanne downsized and moved the firm back home. Freedom she won't give up again. This is the very freedom she teaches hundreds of others, in her in-person and online workshops.

and on-site training offer clients exclusive access to Joanne and her staff, giving THIRD STONE MEDIA bandwidth to serve more people in more meaningful ways —

Learn more about Joanne here. WARNING :: You're headed for the gritty that is social media.

Photo by the talented Christy Cooper. 
Christy Cooper Photography