Quinn's Restaurant & Lounge has been on the Boise Bench for SIXTY YEARS! We are proud to be their agency of record and strategy partner.
Lovelee Salon & Spa serve up BEAUTY! See for yourself.
We're thrilled to lend our part to this beautiful, tiny space in the universe. Check it out fo' yo'self.

Third Stone Media helped craft the memorable Doc's Lodge brand by creating the logo, color palette and website. We're also honored to be part of their 1st TREE FORT.
Orchard Studio used Instagram to launch their shop and continue to leverage the image-driven platform, driving customers clamoring for newly launched products.

some of our work has been online for TWENTY YEARS. wow. that's a long time.

crazy option4 10478401_890820747601054_4444969191005027735_o mid-biz biz-pro sort-by-grab   Older work below—Prudential Real Estate was a major client for many years. We continue to enjoy Approved Supplier status and still work with many executives within the industry. One of Third Stone Media's first major projects, IdeaSpace, for Prudential Real Estate and Relocation. web-ideaspace   Third Stone Media was born by moonlight at Epson America. We love Epson. print_1   CENTURY 21 work was pre-Third Stone Media but the brand lessons it taught the founder remain. print_2   Some of these images are placeholders for better quality images. There are dozens of projects not yet on these pages ... we'll add them as we can. We learn something with each project and it's the journey that's most rewarding. Thank you for stopping by.