we have outrageously fantastic clients. a few super large corporations. many small gigs, individuals and companies that aren't companies yet.

we do a lot of work for creatives—designers, inventors, authors. artists of all kinds. we have lots of real estate clients. some clients we've known our whole company-lives. some go back even earlier.

'client' isn't the right word ! these are the fabric that is THIRD STONE MEDIA. let us add you to our esteemed list. to our family.


Buell Motorcycle a Harley-Davidson Company 
University California Irvine
Epson America
Interchange Associates
CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC
Prudential Real Estate and Relocation PriceMeals Motorcycle.com
DeeSign Company
Molo Creative
Marine Reef International
Jack's House of Creative
Guitar Center

client :: Creative Bridge Coalition
a long time ago, we developed this beautiful website ... it's still live, though we no longer manage it